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Hookah Accessories

We carry any accessory you may need for your hookah.The right Hookah Accessory can greatly improve your hookah smoking experience and there is always one for every type of hookah and hookah smoker.
Hookah Bowls | Hookah Accessories | Hookah Bowl    
Hookah Bowls
Hookah Bowls come in many different types and sizes such as glass, clay, porcelain and etc. Enjoy our wide selection of hookah bowls handcrafted from around the world.
Hookah Hoses | Hookah Hose | Hookah Accessories    
Hookah Hoses
Primehookah.com is proud to offer you a complete line of hookahs and hookah related products at wholesale prices.
Hookah Base | Hookah Bases | Nargila | Shisa | Nakhla    
Hookah Bases
Hookah Set Offers free Shipping on all hookah, Nargila, shisha, from Al fakher hookah to Starbuzz Hookah and many more hookah bases.
Hookah Charcoal Heaters    
Hookah Charcoal Heaters
These run on either electricity or butane, so that you can quickly and easily light up your favorite natural wood coals, coconut based briquettes and even quick light coals.
Hookah Smoke Enhancers    
Hookah Smoke Enhancers
Innovative hookah accessories that enhance the hookah flavors and hookah smoking thickness.
Hookah Hose Accessories    
Hookah Hose Accessories
Hookah Hose Accessories and Replacement Hookah Hose Parts
Hose Adapters and Valves    
Hose Adapters and Valves
Add an additional hose to your hookah with the addition of a hookah hose adapter
hookah tongs    
Hookah Tongs
Look at our hookah tongs we have it comes in different sizes perfect for any type of hookah you have
Hookah Carrying Bags & Cases    
Hookah Carrying Bags & Cases
Portable hookah cases so you can carry around your hookah
Hookah Mouth Tips    
Hookah Mouth Tips
Choose from hookah mouth tips or hookah filters and keep your hookah clean of unwanted germs.
Hookah Foil & Foil Puncher    
Hookah Foil & Foil Puncher
These foil sheets allow a better distribution of heat across your bowl of shisha than regular aluminum foil would allow
Hookah Grommets    
Hookah Grommets
Hookah Base Grommets, bowl grommets, and hose grommets to make your hookah air tight.
Hookah Wind Covers    
Hookah Wind Covers
A Hookah Wind Cover is the ideal way to stop that wind from blowing your hookah charcoal away.
Hookah Trays | Khalil Mamoun Tray | Large Egyptian Tray    
Hookah Trays
Primehookah.com has everything you need to get started to make hookah products available for your customers to take home and enjoy.
All sizes and kinds of hookah brushes    
Hookah Cleaning Brushes
All sizes and kinds of hookah brushes
Hookah Charcoal Holders    
Hookah Charcoal Holders
Large, medium and small hookah charcoal holders for a wide variety of functionality
Hookah Tobacco Logo Stickers    
Hookah Tobacco Logo Stickers
These stickers can be add some fun to your hookah experience.
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